Wow! The Best Light Roast Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Caramel Vanilla Cream 

light roast k cups

BRAND STORY: The mountains are a unique spot. It's the place where Green Mountain Coffee Roasters was. It's the place where we built up our bold soul and obligation to improving the grounds through reasonably sourced coffee. We're headed to bring the world a more extravagant, better cup of coffee. Be striking. Be alive. Snatch a cup and get out there.

TASTE: Discover the tasty taste of sweet guilty pleasure. A wanton whirl of rich caramel, hot earthy colored sugar, and smooth vanilla flavors.

ROAST: Light roast, charged coffee and is ensured Orthodox Union Kosher (U)

Manageability: Committed to 100% mindfully sourced coffee by end of 2020

Similarity: Contains authentic Keurig K-Cup units, designed for ensured quality and similarity with all Keurig K-Cup coffee makers


My new most loved coffee!! Wow, I can't portray how delicious this coffee is. Coffee with the flavors is so rich and they make the whole house smell like that sweet coffee smell. I simply love it.

In the event that you like Caramel judgment regarding your coffee, this is one of the better tasting ones, for my taste buds. When I drink other K-cup caramel products, I feel 'bad'. I tried this one and checked it out and it was very acceptable.

In the event that you smoke this likely won't taste solid and won't be for you. Some time ago I required the strong flavors to taste most nourishments well, yet now I can taste a ton of nuances I was unable to taste at that point. As of late, I expected to remove all sugar so chose to attempt flavorful coffee to assist change to drink unsweetened coffee with milk. This one is a genuine treat! I love the caramel flavors it smells superb and doesn't leave an unsavory trailing sensation like different brands I attempted. It probably won't sneak up suddenly in the solid 'coffee' flavor dept, however, you can taste the delightful caramel and vanilla flavor. A taste that stays in your mouth in the wake of, dislike another brand I attempted that all together vanished, leaving an unpleasant bit coffee taste - yuck. To me, this coffee is totally adjusted, and I will put this on the shopping list. So happy I took a risk and attempted it.

I will be re-requesting as it's an enormous hit in my home!

Peet's Coffee Costa Rica Aurora

best light roast coffee

Alfred Peet was famous for accomplishing flawlessness through his mixes. His mystery? Uniting coffees so extraordinary, each could remain all alone. For unmatched unpredictability and subtlety, look no farther than our unmistakable mixes.

COSTA RICA AURORA: Top-grade Costa Rica and Kenya coffees mixed, an exciting light roast. Flavor notes: Layers of light, citrusy sweet, kissed with Kenya cassis

LIGHT, MEDIUM, and DARK ROAST: Peet's K-Cup single-serve coffee cases mix a cup of coffee in a portion of our most well-known mixes. Light roast coffees are mellow and smooth, medium roast coffees are smooth and fragrant, while dim roast coffees are smoky and full-bodied.


I have had a Keurig coffee maker for more than 10 years and I am a little demanding about the mixes I will drink. Peet's is a quality brand. I like Light Roast since it has more caffeine. This is tasty without flavor.

Peet's Coffees overall in done are brewed more strong for a superior flavor and I discover this Costa Rica mix is somewhat more strong than numerous different brands light coffee's nevertheless not exactly a medium roast. Amazing for early morning first coffee or later around evening time when perusing. These cost somewhat more than numerous cases however the quality is justified, despite all the trouble and effectively equivalent in flavor to a cup at Dunkin or Starbucks. Costa Rica Aurora doesn't have an unpleasant taste to it. Dazzling crisp tasting coffee. I switch between this and Cafe Luminosa. 

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Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll 

light roast coffee

We've joined the taste and overpowering smell of Cinnabon cinnamon moves with the best 100% Arabica coffee beans into a cup of delightful flawlessness.

Feel free to appreciate the remarkable kinds of Cinnabon's reality popular cinnamon abounds in the solace of your own home since you merit it.


The coffee I used to drink was the sort of coffee that would allow you to see the lower part of the cup. I chose to put into a superior cup of coffee and let me advise you, it was unquestionably justified, despite all the trouble.

I incline toward flavorful coffee with cream and on the off chance that I drink ordinary coffee I utilize an enhanced flavor. I have attempted some of the seasoned K-Cups and the Cinnabon in my top pick. It is far better with the Cinnabon enhanced flavor. Tastes like it should, as Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls. Great flavor and equilibrium, not one fixing overpowering or overwhelming in any capacity. It has the Cinnabon flavor yet isn't overwhelming or fake tasting. It's a lighter roast coffee and ideal for an early morning start or a loosening up night inside. Obviously, in the cold weather months, it was quite a wonderful treat to have and share! Keep you and your loved ones decent and hot! On the off chance that you like Cinnabon, you might need to check this coffee out.

This is certifiably not a solid coffee, despite the fact that it is seasoned unmistakably, and taste extraordinary, so it is unquestionably not for the in-your-face "solid coffee" consumer. It is a light coffee, and you can see through it, but it isn't light to the point that it gives off an impression of being another of those watery do nothing coffees. It is that light coffee that we have been searching for every one of these years; at last!

Generally, I would recommend this coffee to somebody who loves a better cup of coffee with enhancing. Drinking it dark has a trace of cinnamon without being overpowering. Add some half and a half and you will have a luscious cup of coffee.

Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend

light roast coffee

Daylight in your mouth! Sunrise beginnings your day in good shape or launches your evening with its tart citrus and botanical notes. A mix of coffees from the Americas and East Africa, Daybreak is roasted to an exquisite chocolate earthy colored on the lighter finish of our roasting range. This features its unassuming and happy pleasantness and adjusted nutty completion. This honest coffee begins pleasantly and unobtrusively in the mouth and leaves you with fruity, nutty clues after each taste. This is a mix that is consistent with nature - the ideal jolt of energy for moderate mornings or those days you need to race to work!


This is a smooth, medium mix; there is no bitterness like I've found with a large number of the others I've attempted. The lighter roasts appear to have a better kind of coffee. Dark roasts are bitter, hence I currently lean toward this Daybreak Morning Blend. I likewise discover like Mahogany additionally for an all the more full-bodied taste without sharpness.

Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend is a great Light Roast coffee with a smooth surface and a waiting lingering flavor that is pleasantly adjusted. This coffee is sensitive in its taste and fragrance, however fulfilling whenever you may need a lighter mix. I'm principally a medium roast consumer, yet now and again I need something more strong, and on different occasions, something all the more light and smooth. This coffee serves pleasantly for the latter.

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