Great Little Coffee Maker!! Krups Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker, 5-Cup, Silver


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Krups Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker, 5-Cup, Silver

Ideal FOR 1 OR 2

Brews up to 5 cups of coffee/750 ml/25 fl ounces.


Allows  to pour a cup of coffee while fermenting and naturally keeps coffee warm.

Straightforward AND EASY TO USE

Coffee pot with no-trickle ramble, which controls the wreck; simple On/Off catch to begin blending and mood killer the brewer; and a strategically placed water tank.

Present-day DESIGN

Premium tempered steel finish.


Glass coffee pot, perpetual coffee channel, and coffee spoon for every day fermenting needs. All are dishwasher safe.

Reduced Simply Brew 5 Cup Coffee Maker

The KRUPS Simply Brew 5 Cup Coffee Maker is intended to make the morning schedule a breeze. It includes a simple to fill the water tank and a solid 5-cup glass coffee pot with a no-trickle ramble that spares each drop for a cup. The Pause and Serve framework permits you to pour a hot cup of coffee while fermenting, with no wreck. The coffee maker additionally has a programmed "Keep Warm" work that keeps coffee warm subsequent to blending. Its rich treated steel configuration will consistently find a way into the kitchen.


The framework permits to pour a cup of coffee while fermenting for benefit.


The top filling water tank is strategically placed close to the blending chamber.


Simple On/Off catch to begin blending and mood killer the brewer.


Brews up to 5 cups/25 fl. oz. /750ml of coffee. Amazing individual size coffee maker.

KRUPS is a German master in coffee and food planning since 1846.


At KRUPS, we put stock in subtleties that have a significant effect. We plan hearty and exact items that are a joy to utilize, empowering to accomplish the detail that will have a significant effect and joy friends, and family.

KRUPS sustains the elevated expectations of value that have been set over 150 years prior and put Passion, Precision, and Perfection at the core of every single item.

The Krups Simply Brew Filter Coffee Maker permits to make scrumptious hot coffee in all effortlessness. It includes all the advantageous capacities and extras  require: Easy-to-fill top water tank, stop and serve framework, programmed keep-warm capacity, straightforward simple to-clean plan, ON/OFF catch, and accompanies a 5-cup glass coffee pot and a perpetual coffee channel and coffee spoon.


Gorgeous Unit And It's Little

I got this in view of good encounters with Krups items, it didn't baffle. I don't require super amounts of coffee at one time, so the size is beneficial for me. All around made, gorgeous unit, and it's little so it fits anyplace on my ledge. I like the straightforward no-mind required on/off switch activity too. Accompanies a launderable treated steel channel as well. It is generally plastic, yet everything appears to be very much idea out and basic, so it ought to be dependable.

It's Easy To Utilize

It's easy to utilize, makes tremendous coffee, and doesn't occupy a great deal of room on the ledge. Brews discreetly as well!!

The Tempered Steel Is Pretty And Matches

I like this lovable little coffee maker! The tempered steel is pretty and matches, machines pleasantly. It's the ideal coffee maker in the event that is searching for something little.

The Expectation Of This Issue Can Be Settled Soon.

The look and size of the machine it's as reduced. The coffee is hot and the machine moderate brews the coffee which upgrades the taste. In any case, it is LOUD, so noisy it scared the first run through utilized It seems like there are marbles moving around inside and I'm reluctant to utilize it. I needed to cherish this machine yet with the shockingly noisy commotion particularly. The expectation of this issue can be settled soon.

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