Taste !! Very Good!! Barnie's Santa's White Christmas Single Serve Coffee


Barnie's Santa's White Christmas 

  • 10 COFFEE PODS - Each 1 box contains 10 coffee pods from Santa's White Christmas
  • COCONUTTY CARAMEL & VANILA - Combining warm rich and cold vanilla flavors, delicious caramel, rich nut, and chilled coconut to give you a sensational, delicate Christmas coffee blend that you can drink any time of year.
  • MEDIUM ROAST - Just the right taste, not too light, not too dark. Popular among coffee lovers as medium-roasted coffee
  • NUT, GLUTEN & FAT-FREE - No nuts, no gluten, no fat makes Barnie Coffee pure and clean.
  • LOW IN SUGAR - Coffee contains only 0.096 grams of sugar per serving


The Original Holiday Taste

Enjoy year-round.

You'll know why it's considered a holiday classic if you've ever tried Santa's White Christmas.

The sweet vanilla scent brought flying to a winter wonderland.

When sipping it immediately brings warmth as if next to a warm fireplace.

Also, the spicy and caramelized taste makes you feel good all year round.

This delightful coffee was initially sold solely during the special seasons, yet because of famous interest, it's currently sold the entire year.

This perfectly seasoned coffee has become America's number-one holiday coffee!


LOVE This Flavored Coffee.

The coffee was good. I haven't actually had or known about this brand previously. I most likely won't get it frequently because of cost, however, it's a pleasant flavor for a treat every so often. Previously I preferred to bulk buy at Costco under other brands to spare some cash. It's a little powerless as a 10-ounce cup of coffee. No bad things to say. I like it. I would get it once more, I like holiday blends. I don't care for excessively solid dim coffee by any means. Furthermore, I like to blend in with creamer. LOVE this flavored coffee. It used to be only available seasonally, now seeing it available anytime makes me happy. Smooth flavor with no trailing sensation.

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