Amazing! Ready-Made Hot Coffee! Mueller Ultra Brew Coffee Maker

12 cup coffee maker programmable

Mueller Ultra Brew Coffee Maker.

Programmable 12-Cup Machine, Multiple Brew Strength, Keep Warm.

  • THE BEST TASTING COFFEE - Brew a full pot of coffee utilizing your preferred grounds and with blend quality control you can choose normal or intense coffee flavor, whatever you like better. 
  • Simple BREW and PRECISE POURING: Pause and serve work takes into consideration pouring a cup whenever during the mix cycle. Unique carafe configuration guarantees trickle free and your coffee down to the last drop. 
  • Simple FILLING - Built-in removable water store for simple and safe water filling. No all the more trickling or chaos on your ledges. 
  • Changeless COFFEE FILTER - Mueller Ultra Brew Coffee Maker incorporates one lasting coffee channel, setting aside the cash from purchasing paper water channels. 
  • Predominant QUALITY WITH MUELLER - We are here to offer you simply the best quality items intended to make your life increasingly simpler and fun. On the off chance that you need any assistance, if you don't mind don't hesitate to get in touch with us, our expert client service is consistently here for you! 


Mueller Ultra Brew Coffee Maker is intended to remove the fullest flavor conceivable. It consolidates a high blend temperature of up to 205 degrees and a quicker mix speed, bringing about out and out excellent tasting coffee. This one of a kind coffee maker with new highlights, preparing techniques and structures will charm the preferences and styles of American coffee consumers.

Want a stronger coffee and start looking for a new drip coffee maker. A nice little coffee maker. Does not take up much space. Not leaking. Have a permanent filter. Has power control and a delayed timer. Do what you should. Worth every penny. The first thing that is liked about this is the price. Many coffee makers are far more money.

This is a good machine for the price. It's interesting, easy to use, and produces delicious coffee.

There are three suggestions for making it a better machine. Keep in mind, though, for this price it is already one of the machines and the coffee it produces is amazing!

  1. Place the rubber feet at the bottom. The machine has hard plastic legs. The engine is also super light. Because you have to touch the button on the top surface to start making coffee, every time the machine moves on the table.
  2. The face lights up in cold blue when you touch the button on the machine, but only briefly. Touch the button to light the clock on the coffee maker.
  3. Another coffee maker beeps when the coffee is finished. This one is not. Indeed, this is also cheap so you cannot have it all at this price point.

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All in all, this is a good machine, it makes good coffee, is not expensive for what it is, and it looks attractive on the table. Still feels like a coffee maker is an amazing value for money.

After all cables are at least 6 inches longer than other cables. The second item I noticed was that the carafe had the size of glass on both sides of the pot. That's very convenient for the left and right clients. The third amazing feature is that it doesn't need filters. And, last but not least, strong coffee feels amazing. Do yourself a BIG kindness and purchase this coffee maker!

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