Acceptable To The Last Drop! Maxwell House Master Blend Ground Coffee

light roast coffee flavor

Maxwell House Master Blend Ground Coffee 

If you are a coffee drinker, you've likely had Maxwell House a minimum of a couple of times.


There's nothing special about this coffee. However, it's a coffee that appeals to almost anyone if you regularly have family and friends over. I only buy this coffee to possess available for family and friends.


The overall taste,  is neither bitter, nor sweet; strong, nor weak; complex, nor simple,  if brewed properly,. It's literally a coffee with only a few discernible unique traits, outside of the very fact that the majority of people at the very least, find it acceptable.


With all that said, I even have no issue recommending this coffee as something to possess available, it's just not a private favorite I'd choose as my go-to coffee.


There's something about Maxwell House that's so different from a number of the opposite brands out there. I can not say enough goodies about how it tastes and smells. My #1 pick within the morning.


If you're not into strong coffee or need a break from strong coffee, the Master Blend is what you would like to drink. Very flavorful! I even have been drinking this blend since an adolescent which was an extended time ago!


I was surprised at what proportion I enjoyed Maxwell House coffee. I do not believe I've ever even tried it before. it had been perfect. I really, adore this coffee, and that I would certainly buy it again.

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