Simply Perfect!! McCafe Premium Medium Roast Ground Coffee Blend

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Simply Perfect!! McCafe Premium Medium Roast Ground Coffee Blend

Premium Roast Coffee 

This makes a perfectly consistent, delicious cup of coffee every morning. This to be the best coffee ever. It has roasted coffee beans taste as a roasted coffee beans taste should be. The taste is not affected by any marketing stunt. It’s warm, roasted, flavorful, and not acidic. Really good. It makes the whole apartment smell so good!

However, I must declare this coffee as eliminating other for me! It's all I drink now. Some other coffee just tastes unpleasant to me in the wake of drinking this. I love it!!

I love trying all sorts of different coffee, but I keep coming back to the McCafe line as my daily drinking coffee. It's a good price for a canister and has a very smooth blend. It is definitively not Starbucks, so if you like burnt coffee flavor, this is not for you. Otherwise, I think the line of coffees produced for McCafe is a great product!

If you have a coffee maker that brews at exactly 204 degrees this will taste exactly like McDonald's fresh coffee. It's the same stuff and if you have a good coffee maker it'll come outright. Just a quick tip... Make sure you use cold water directly from the tap and not water that has been set out all night long. If you drink the coffee within 20 minutes or so you'll be satisfied. Coffee that sits longer than that starts to taste nasty. Free advice

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