Amazing Just Like I Hoped! Lavazza Gran Espresso Single-Serve Coffee Pods, Dark Espresso Roast

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 Lavazza Gran Espresso Single-Serve Coffee Pods, Dark Espresso Roast

  • Rich-bodied dull dish with a chocolatey and hot smell, enduring and round flavor, and waiting for crema
  • Mixed and broiled in Italy 
  • Must be utilized with Espresso Machine
  • More than 120 Years of Italian Craftsmanship 

Since 1895, Lavazza has been making a portion of the world's most wanted coffees. It began with our Author, Luigi Lavazza, who concocted the idea of coffee mixing or the craft of consolidating beans from various districts. Since that time, four ages of the Lavazza family have proceeded with our originator's responsibility to quality and have dedicated their lives to the quest for coffee flawlessness. We welcome you to attempt one of Lavazza's unmistakable coffees, and you'll know why Lavazza is Italy's preferred coffee. 

Gran Crema Espresso is rich and even, has a smell of chocolate and flavors and a powerfully smooth crema. 

With a smell level of 4 out of 5, Gran Crema is an espresso mix with a great Italian flavor profile. 

Characteristic Arabica from Brazil from the Cerrado, Mogiana, and South Minas locale. Washed Arabica from Honduras, African Robusta with zesty notes from Uganda. 

Appreciate this fragrant mix by setting it up with an espresso machine. 

Promise to Quality
For Lavazza, quality isn't 'controlled,' yet 'assembled.' It is a day by day process that includes everybody, and it is a basic piece of each period of creation. Simply, it is the main method of working we know. 

It's no mishap that Lavazza is Italy's preferred coffee. Four ages of the Lavazza family have committed more than 120 years to finding the best mixes of coffee beans from everywhere throughout the world to give you a credible Italian experience. The Lavazza Gran Espresso Ground Coffee Mix is no exemption. A blend of Arabica assortments from Brazil and Honduras are moderately simmered with African Robusta coffees to make a rich, serious medium espresso broil. You'll taste traces of dim chocolate and flavors with each smooth taste. This mix must be brewed utilizing the Espresso machine. Appreciate a genuine taste of Italy that is interestingly Lavazza.

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