Two Great Options In One! Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker, Single-Serve and 12-Cup Pot, Stainless Steel (49980A), Carafe

Nice and simple Single Serve!


Enjoy either a single-serve cup (travel mug not included) or a full pot of coffee with the 12 cup carafe


Wake up to a hot cup of coffee with fully programmable functionality and auto-shutoff


Can brew directly into the carafe, a travel mug (not included) or a short cup


Brew a cup for one using loose, ground coffee


Includes brew strength selector (Regular or Bold), keep hot warming plates and more; Note: Refer to the PDF attached below in the Technical Specification for manual and Troubleshooting is on a page; 12 to 14

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker

For all the coffee drinkers and aficionados who despise the long café lines, dread the overwhelming coffee options or need a fix for those early morning caffeine pains – fear no more! There's finally an affordable, low-maintenance coffeemaker that can brew a basic or premium-roast coffee in a fraction of the time and cost as the coffeehouse: The Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

Two ways to brew—single cup or full 12-cup glass carafe.

Includes a 12-cup glass carafe.
Standard-size single-serve side water reservoir for easy, one-time filling.
Carafe-side water reservoir with extra-large capacity and measurement markings.
Single-serve side brew basket comes with a mesh filter to hold ground coffee.
Single-serve side multilevel cup rest adjusts/stacks to fit all cup and mug sizes.
Brew strength selector for brewing Regular or Bold preferred flavor/strength.
Control panel and display, with an hour and minute buttons to program the brewing time up to 24 hours beforehand.

2-Way Brewing Options

Whichever way you decide to brew, the 2-Way Brewer lets you do both. For a single cup when you’re on the go, the single-serve side lets you add grinds directly into the mesh filter that fits the brew basket or insert a soft pod with the pod holder. For the stronger caffeine fixes or on days you want to enjoy a cup-after-cup without brewing each time, the carafe-side makes a full 12-cup pot for your drinking disposal. And if you forget to turn it off, no worries. The Two-Way Brewer’s nonstick, keep-hot plate retains the piping-hot coffee after brewing and shuts off automatically after two hours.

Brew in Advance and Wake Up to Hot Coffee

Want to sleep in for five more minutes? Go ahead, get some more beauty sleep and take advantage of the built-in, programmable clock and timer. Its hour and minute features let you program your ideal coffee-drinking time up to 24 hours in advance.

Single-Serve Brew Function

With the mesh filter that’s included, adding your flavored, decaf, or premium-roast brand coffee grinds couldn’t be easier. Just remember that more isn’t always necessarily better in this case; use slightly fewer coffee grinds to avoid overflow and weaker-tasting coffee. For coffee lovers who live for the pleasure of roasting their own beans every day, this Two-Way Brewer offers an added bonus for the extra effort. Equipped with a Brew Strength Selector, you can choose Regular and give your taste buds the simplicity of standard medium-grind coffee, or you can go Bold and select a decaf, finer grind, or a premium roast brand for a richer flavor.

For all the coffee drinkers and aficionados in search of an affordable, low maintenance coffeemaker that can brew a basic or premium-roast coffee in a fraction of the time and cost as the coffeehouse: Meet the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer. Voltage 110 volts. The 2-Way Brewer unit will only brew one side at a time. For a particular preference, simply switch the lever left or right. Any soft pod coffee brand, available in the coffee aisle of your local grocery store, or any loose coffee grounds can be used. The 2-Way Brewer is not compatible with the K-Cup pack.


I love this thing. I bought this one to replace the little coffee maker I bought to use for guests in their room. My other large coffee maker broke so I had been using my little coffee maker and trying hard to get my pour-over strainer to work. It's terrible. I gave up and did some research on coffee makers and found this one.
What I like are the two options to brew up to 12 cups of coffee AND brew single serve. I had an option to buy a maker that's nearly the exact copy as this one but uses K cups with no option of using loose coffee and decided I'd rather get this one so I can use my premium coffee as an option. Should I want K cups, I'll cut open the cup and pour the coffee into the reusable coffee strainer. This maker also gives you an option to use a tumbler OR coffee cup. Simply fill your cup with water and pour it into it. Simple. Same for the carafe. I like that there's an LED light for the clock but it doesn't stay on. It turns off when the coffee is done. The coffee brews FAST. I'm used to makers taking some time to brew, even with new makers. This one brews so fast that I hardly had time to tend to the kids before it was done. The pot stays hot too. Sometimes you want a quick cup before it's done. Too bad though. You have to wait. I’m not sure someone rushing to work would mind though if they’ve scheduled their single cup to be done right before leaving.
The colors are nice on this machine too. Since stainless steel + black is still popular, it should match well. This is also not a huge machine. It's actually smaller than my single Mr. Coffee machine and shorter as well. It looks like a mini espresso machine. What I wish I could do though is not have to pull the machine out from under a cabinet to pour in the water. If there was a drawer instead, it would make it easy for many of this. This is just a personal wish though.
Pros: LED Light, single and carafe coffee brewing, reusable coffee strainer for the single cup, fast brewing, heating pad for the carafe, stainless steel + black, not too big, pocket to hide extra wire within itself, programmable brewing for an auto brew, ability to use tumbler or coffee cup withstand, given instructions on how to clean it and suggests vinegar once a week for hard water (Use Lemon Shine instead if your machine stops working by making a solution of water and the crystals and brew.

Was replacing probably what has been the best coffee maker I've ever owned, have had a 12-cup Braun coffee maker for 20 years and finally, the carafe has been broken. This Hamilton Beach Single Serve is a great replacement, I've gotten used to the paper filters for the Braun and even though it has it's own reusable, I prefer my coffee not to have that oil, film across the top and in the bottom of the cup, the paper filters get rid of that completely. The way I get around the residue with this coffee maker is to trim down the large round coffee filters, which are the cheapest I've found. Place the trimmed filter inside the bottom silver bowl, not inside or beneath the reusable filter, the coffee brews the best the way, at least for me it does, see the pics.

The bay can accommodate a 7-1/4" tall mug when the bracket is in its lowest position, a 4-1/4" mug when it's in the highest position.

The coffee brews out plenty hot and fairly quickly, have seen some articles that say the HB doesn't get the coffee hot enough, it does for me. May help if you preheat the cup with some hot water before dispensing the coffee, I always do. I received the Keurig K55 coffee maker for Christmas and it does great too but I don't plan on putting all that money into K-Cup coffee. I used the reusable K-Cups as well, most don't work so good. If you like grinding your own beans, the coarse grind or French press grind is best for this maker. I have used some Peet's French Roast ground coffee with it, pressed the "Bold" button and it did great, that coffee is a very fine grind.

The ease of cleaning is a big plus! Simple to use and simple to clean, can't go wrong with that!

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