Is The Best!! Dark Roast Coffee Ground, Kicking Horse Type Kick Ass

best dark roast ground coffee

I recently had the opportunity to feel it on a recent visit. I expect the burning sensation is usually associated with dark roasted coffee. But this surprised me because it didn't burn but it had a strong but aromatic taste without the slightest burn. I use a teaspoon of brown sugar. If you've ever walked into a coffee shop and smelled what you think coffee tastes really good with a strong taste, this is that coffee.

Okay, listen, coffee can sometimes be exaggerated, but Kicking a Horse is something I keep returning. Kicking Horse is the best of both worlds, roasted, not sour, smooth, and to the point

I love Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick-Ass in particular. I love the dark, rich roast and it's almost impossible to find what I'm looking for inorganic, fair-trade coffee. What I can buy at the store is only in my opinion weak. So thanks Kicking Horse for making the initial option. Please add decaf to the mix for those of us who can't resist going back to the afternoon coffee pot!

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